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Which Suprima board do I need?

There are four different designs of the Suprima pcb.

The 407750 has a square reset button (may sit behind a membrane) and a red and green led light.

The 5102160 has a round reset button and a red and green led light.

The 5111603 is in a plastic case and has a square reset button and a single led light that changes colour with operation.

The 5110550 is for the Suprima HE range, it comes in a long plastic case with a potentiometer on the end and three indicator lights.

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  • Kevin Smith on

    The pcb in question is the 5111603. This pcb usually fails intermittently before stopping altogether. The control may work for hours or even days without a problem before symptoms return.
    A replacement pcb is recommended in this case.

  • Andy Lainchbury on

    Hi, I have a suprima 50L it is locking out from time to time. Usually just going to an orange light but it has also displayed a red light. I think the board is thermally locking out as it tends to do it if we advance the heating or hot water. It is controlled from the inbuilt timer.
    The boiler code is ALVJ305 0015. There is a sticker on the front with a wiring diagram which has code 5111729 iss3 on it. I understand this means it has had a new board at some point. Can you advise my next steps please.

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