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Ideal Icos, Isar, Evo etc information

The Ideal Icos boiler has many problems, the most common being faulty controls.

If you have power to the control but the display is blank or there is a sunken area on the plastic casing, the chances are your control is faulty and needs changing.

With the orange v9 control the boiler maybe operating but with no display, again this is a common fault with the control.

Sometimes the failure of the control is down to the failure of the fan. A good sign the fan is faulty, is if the fan just judders back and forth without spinning.

We recommend replacing your control box with the same colour control that has failed.

How to identify the part you need.

174486 - Orange control box
174486 - Black control box
174486 - Grey control box
174486 - White control box
172490 - Black control with built in ignition generator
173534 - old part number Black control box, new part number 174486 - Black
172625 - Fan unit



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