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Potterton Suprima Information.

Are you having problems with their Potterton Suprima boiler?

If you are experiencing intermittent problems, then the chances are that the circuit board may be failing. It is a very common problem, with the boiler shutting down to red lockout randomly.

We can help you with this problem, we do a refurbishment service for these boards at a fraction of the cost of a new circuit board, just search for your matching Suprima part on our site.

There are five different designs of the Suprima pcb.

The 407750 has a square reset button (may sit behind a membrane) with a red and green led light.

The 5102160 has a round reset button and a red and green led light.

The 5111603 also known as 5107117 is in a plastic case and has a square reset button and a single led light that changes colour with operation.

The 5110550 is for the Suprima HE range, it comes in a long plastic case with a potentiometer on the end and three indicator lights.

The 5000503 also known as 5106568 is for the Suprima 120, It has a red and green light with a round reset button and a grey square ignition box behind the reset button.




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