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What is service exchange?


Service exchange explanation on Biteable.


What is service exchange?

A service exchange is when we supply the customer with the required part from our stock to get the boiler working as soon as possible, the customer then has 14 days to send back their faulty parts to replenish our stock (so we can refurbish the parts for the next customers)

If we do not have the part required in stock, we may still be able to help. The customer can send in their faulty part for repair, we will then refurbish that part and return. Please give us a call on 01920 871711 first to advise part is being sent and discuss repair time.

It is important that we receive the customers faulty part in return, as we need the parts to refurbish and re-stock.

What happens if I do not return the old parts?

It is the customers responsibility to return their old faulty parts.If we do not receive the old exchange part the customer will be charged in order to obtain a replacement and the warranty on the supplied part will be void.

Still unsure about service exchange?

Give us a ring on 01920 871711 and we will explain the procedure.



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