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246052 Baxi Solo Fan£54.99Fans


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246052 Baxi Solo Fan

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Baxi Fan Part Number 246052

If your unit is faulty, please CONTACT US with a view to repair it.

We may have a unit in stock we can supply as an advanced replacement, or you can send us the faulty unit if it can be repaired. After we have repaired it, we will return it to you.
The Baxi Fan is the component that removes all the burnt gases from the boiler and also injects fresh air into the combustion chamber allowing the gas to be burnt correctly. The boiler will not allow any gas to pass through to the main burner if it detects the Fan isn’t working correctly
This part fits the following boilers:
Solo 3 60 PF
Solo 3 70 PF
Solo 3 80 PF
Solo 3 60 PF SYSTEM
Solo 3 70 PF SYSTEM
Solo 3 80 PF SYSTEM
Solo 3 60 PFL
Solo 3 70 PLF
Solo 3 80 PFL
Solo 3 60 PFL SYSTEM
Solo 3 70 PFL SYSTEMSolo 3 80 PFL SYSTEM

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