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5111603 (5107117) (5112178) Suprima PCB - Ignite heating spares


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5111603 (5107117) (5112178) Suprima PCB

£71.99 (inc VAT)

Potterton Printed Circuit Board Part Number 5111603 / 5107117 / 5112178

This part usually has the part number 5107117 on the side of the control box.

If your PCB has red and green separate indicator lights and a square reset button, you need to order 407750 PCB

If your PCB as red and green separate indicator lights and has a round reset button, you need to order part no. 5102160
If the part is in stock you can order through the website or call 01920 871711 within operating times, we will then supply an advanced replacement.

If we do not have the part in stock you can send us your faulty unit for repair. After we have repaired it, we will return it to you.

The Printed Circuit Board is the component that takes readings from sensors and automates the boilers functions accordingly.

Please note only the Pcb supplied (not metal cage or wiring loom)

This part fits the following boilers:

Suprima 30
Suprima 30L
Suprima 40
Suprima 40 L
Suprima 50
Suprima 50 L
Suprima 60
Suprima 60 L
Suprima 70
Suprima 70 L
Suprima 80
Suprima 80 L
Suprima 100

Suprima 100L

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